Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

If you're sick of all the complex slots and want something like the old classics, Goblin's Gold Wild X may be the answer for you. The game is designed for simplicity and it has an old-school design. We love this game because there isn't much to it. Read through a short review and discover all the game's features.

Easy Wagering

Setting the wager is one of the only things you have to do when playing this slot. The minimum is $0.01 and the maximum is $15.00. You must also choose how many paylines you're going to play on, but you only have to choose between one and three. The number of lines you choose determines how many coins you wager per spin, and your coin value determines how much you bet every time you spin the reels.

Goblin Wilds are the Most Valuable

The goblin head symbols serve as the wilds in this game and they help create winning combinations with all the other symbols. Not only do goblins help finish winning combinations with the other symbols, but they triple any prize they help complete. That means you can get some of the best wins by using the wilds above the other symbols. The wilds also lead to the most valuable wins as you play. Getting three goblin heads gives you between 1,500 and 6,000 coins, depending on the payline you win on. If you combine three goblins on the third payline you'll win the maximum prize of 6,000 coins on a single line. That's a good value if you're wagering a large amount of money.

No Bonus Features

Other than the wilds there aren't any bonus features in this game. You get winning combinations on the paylines to win, and that's all there is to the slot. If you want a game that's straightforward, this one works perfectly in nearly every situation. The slot is easy to learn and you know what to expect each time you play it.

Simple Graphics

There are only a few different symbols to watch for as you play the game. Most of the symbols are BAR signs, but you also have lanterns, bags of gold, and goblin heads. These are the only symbols in Goblin's Gold Wild X and that makes things easy to understand. Getting BAR symbols gives you the smallest prizes and any of the picture symbols are worth far more.

Try the Game Free

You can test this simple slot for free by running the game in its demo mode. The game works like normal when played in demo mode, but you don't risk real money. Instead, you'll play using a play balance that gives you all the standard features you always get without the risk.

Enjoy the Game on Mobile

We love Goblin's Gold for mobile devices because it's so simple. There are very few buttons and only a couple of paylines, making it easy to understand everything that's happening even when playing on a phone screen. If you want to play this game from anywhere, you can do so using a smartphone. No app is necessary to play the game, it runs in web browsers.

Goblin's Gold Wild X is the type of slot you should play if you want a basic experience without all the extras. It can be boring for gamblers who want many different features, but for an old-school gamer, this is the perfect slot. Test the game and you'll know immediately if it's for you or not.